Girona City Council

The city of Girona enjoys a privileged location close to the Pyrenees mountains, the Mediterranean sea -the Costa Brava- and the city of Barcelona, the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Spain. This location provides Girona with the great communications axis, linking Barcelona and the Spanish Mediterranean coast with the rest of Europe and good road, rail and aerial (Girona and Barcelona airports) connections. Also, the city has good connections with the industrial sector, through joint activities developing R&TI. In addition, medium and small sized industrial firms in this sector have a strong export record . 

 The city of Girona has 84.000 inhabitants. The economy of the city of Girona is dependent on the service sector which constitutes 75% of the local economy: commerce, services for enterprises, financial sector, university training, public and private health services and public administration. The economic structure of the urban area of Girona is made up of agricultural activity (1,5%), industry (32,5%) and services (66,0%).The main industrial sector activities are: food industry, paper & graphics, metal production, machinery, electronic goods, transport equipment, textile, energy, gas and water.  A strong tourism sector has become a very important factor for local development

Knowledge Economy is a challenge that the city as a whole - the Municipality, the University of Girona, Business representatives and Trade Unions, social partners and other local institutions - are facing with a global approach,  in relation to social, cultural, economical and political aspects.

As local authority, Girona City Council has competences in organisational management; city planning; and, for developing its legal framework policies aimed at serving the needs of citizens taking into account environmental and global changes.

We have experience of European cooperation within the EUROTOWNS Network, the CAPTURE Project and other European projects; in cooperating with the University of Girona; in promoting local participation processes, specially through the Local City Councils.

Girona expects to benefit from CLIQ by participating in the activities and responsibilities to develop the project, with a positive and proactive attitude, in order to share with and to learn from the project's partnership and by involving the stakeholders of the city.



Contact us:

Girona City Council

Plaça del vi 1 Girona
17004 Spain

Rosa Picamal

Phone: 0034-972.419.087



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