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Inter-regional Research called The CLIQBoost was presented to the CLIQ network in October 2009.
The full report and a Powerpoint presentation of the key findings are in the Materials Box on the right.

This baseline research report for the CLIQ project aims to be an enduring reference document for the CLIQ project partners. It includes summaries, tables, matrices, cases, and maps which offer snap-shot information of the project partners, and real insight into their environment and practice, among them:

• Summary definitions of innovation

• Quantitative data matrix showing 15 data points across the city and regional level for 16 of the project partners

• A sector matching matrix showing current and future focus for all partners

• A tools directory describing 64 tools across 9 different categories in use by the project partners

• 13 good practice cases and a suggested means for best mode of exploitation

• ISS maps for 15 of the project partners, summarising their profile, strategic focus and stake-holder interactions.

The CLIQBoost report is produced by the University of Girona, Spain.

Research Team Members:

Steven P. MacGregor, PhD
Pilar Marquès Gou, PhD
Alexandra Simon, MSc.
Andrea Bikfalvi, PhD
Josep Llach, PhD



CLIQboost Report

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University Press - Documenta Universitaria

MACGREGOR S.P., MARQUÈS P., SIMON A., BIKFALVI A. and LLACH J.: CLIQboost Baseline research for CLIQ INTERREGIVC (Creating Local Innovations for SMEs through a Quadruple Helix),

Documenta Universitaria
Girona 2010.





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