17-19th March 2010 , Combined exchange event 
in Girona and Manresa, Catalonia, Spain. 

Group transport will be provided between the two cities.


Download the report of the Girona and Manresa exchange events here.

Promoting innovation via cluster promotion: the role of local public sector

Place : Girona
Date : 17th - 18th March 2010
Round Table

Main learning objectives

How local innovation is known and practised by local innovative people and how the local public sector matters on this practice. Could we draw conclusions about what Quadruple Helix could mean on the basis of our previous debates?

Connected learning objectives: Clusters as strategy for promoting innovation.

Background: Girona is acting as sub regional capital with regards to the development of a more innovative and knowledge-based society. Water, Tourism and ICT Media are local relevant sectors with different degrees of maturity. Regional and local policies must be aligned and must respond to the real capacities of  society. The Round Table brings us the opportunity to analyse how it happens and what  the involvement of the local public sector must be.

Promoting Entrepreneurship: how to apply the main tools (Innovation and ICT). The role of the local public sector.

Place : Manresa
Date : 18th - 19th March 2010
Master Class

Main learning objectives

What can local government do to promote entrepreneurship? What's the role of local stakeholders (universities, technological centres, etc.)? How can innovation and ICT help to promote entrepreneurship and start-up companies? We'll try to find good answers to these questions through a practical approach.

Connected learning objectives : Innovation policies as a strategy for promoting entrepreneurship.

Background: Manresa and its administrative division (Bages District) have an important industrial tradition, mainly concentrated in mature sectors, as textile or engineering industry, very much affected by the crisis. We lack an entrepreneurial culture and this particularly affects young people. Promoting entrepreneurship is one of the key issues of current local development policies, in which many local authorities are involved. A special environment is required for to develop entrepreneurship. Local policies have an important role to build this environment. The 'Young Ideas' project featured in CLIQ Manresa case study will be explained in full.


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Addressed policies in Girona exchange:
cluster policy

Addressed policies in Manresa exchange: entrepreneur policy



Host coordinator in Girona:

The Girona City Council and the University of Girona-Vicerectorate for International Policy

Rosa Picamal, Girona City Council
Mobile: 0034 - 680.34.10.10 

                   *      *      *      *

Host coordinator in Manresa:
Anna Gasulla, Manresa City Council
phone: 0034 - 93 877 63 10


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